A building to reflect the colour of wine

Our dedication to producing wine that appeals to the senses of the palette led to our goal of creating a building to house our wine that equally appeals to the aesthetic palette.

Batch Winery Branding Architecture and DesignOur State of the Art winery has a strong design philosophy. Traditionally the process of making wine occurred on farms or Monasteries in simple structures such as sheds, barns, and cellars. Batch Winery is conceived as a shed. It’s shed-like design referenced in concrete, timber and corten steel. The building is also much more than a shed. An innovation are translucent wall panels that capture the daylight outside not only providing diffused natural light to the working interior but also minimising the sun’s heat into the wine making area during hot summer days.

On the exterior these translucent wall panels reference the shades and evocative colours of wine from pale lemon lime to rose and the deeper plum shades of cabernet and syrah. Striking and luminous on the exterior the panels reflect and play with light all day changing with the sunlight and glowing in the sunset.

These design elements are introduced to Batch Winery by international designer, New Zealander David Scott.

The winery buildings design utilises the sloping site to advantage with several levels providing gravity flow that eliminates mechanical pumping for the gentlest handling of juice and wine during production. At harvest grapes are hand-picked then selected for ripeness and quality on specially designed selection tables before pressing on the upper level. From there the gravity flow enables tender transfer of wine.
Eventually our young wines make their way down to our hillside barrel cellar. Dark, damp, and cool, a wines idea of bliss, they will start their evolution. A process that only specialized oak and time can provide.
The final step in production is the on site bottling system a state-of-the-art process that provides screw cap, cork and sparkling wine options before moving to an automated labelling line and packaging and into a temperature controlled bond store to perfectly maintain the finished wine.

Batch Winery puts environmental sustainability as a top priority using natural methods in both the vineyard and the winery. In the winery cleanliness is maintained with steam sanitation removing any need for chemical cleaners. Waste water is carefully managed on site and all vineyards and winery waste is composted on site.

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